What we do

‘Our mission is to empower businesswomen, the world over.’

We do this by partnering experienced professional women with ambitious female entrepreneurs from developing countries.

Through powerful in-country connection, we cultivate an atmosphere for sharing and storytelling where all participants can learn from one another. Each partnership is built on trust, mutual-respect and collaboration.

Understanding need

We start the process by gathering insight from all individuals and holding interviews with those who meet our criteria. All of our participants are incredibly passionate people, they are hard working and brimming with integrity.

Most of the needs analysis happens once in country. When the mentor takes the time to understand the individuals’ situation and first seeks to understand, real magic can happen. Through group discussions and mentor meetings we co-create a programme that is tailored to each person’s individual needs.

Your mentoring partnership

Once we understand the individuals’ requirements we will make recommendations for the most suitable partnerships. This isn’t always based on solely on skillset, but often includes common interests, shared traits and similar ambitions. Oftentimes, the best partnerships are those that are matched serendipitously. See Sarah and Marie’s story here.

Creating impact

Oftentimes, access to information is the largest hurdle for our African entrepreneurs. By bringing specialist knowledge and experience to their communities we can share skills and insight that allow their businesses to flourish.

You can read more about the impact that we make here.

Ongoing support

Mentoring works best when there is a supportive and lasting relationship. With each partnership we recommend a rolling three month agreement of support. It’s very rewarding to see how your partner progresses with the plans you made together.

‘Where one woman’s privilege can be leveraged to help other women thrive’

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